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Super healthy is always looking for competent and passionate writers who can provide new concepts and ideas. Our platform is trustworthy and informative for all of you. We will welcome all of the engaging, well-researched, and thorough content, which will be helpful for all of the readers. 

It’s useful for us, but your unique and engaging content on our platform could also be a good source of recognition for your work. Our editorial department will make your content error-free and worth publication after a certain process of reviews.

Now we are looking for content in the following categories:

Feel free to submit your content if you have already written about these categories. Your work will be refined through a couple of processes and then published. They will check your ability to work for us too.

Super healthy submission criteria


We would love to accept 100% unique content. It will show your eligibility that you can write for us or not. As all of you are familiar with google’s criteria, it accepts only plagiarism-free content.


You have to write a few sentences in which you will sum up all of the key concepts of your content. It will be easy and time-saving for us to know your ideas and concepts.


You need to provide all the hyperlinks to the factual-based data you have written in your content.


The images having dimensions of 750 x 300 will make your content more professional and engaging.

No Brands Promotions

We will not select any content having brands or business promotions.

Our Publication Process

  • Your work will be processed in critical reviews, which will define the originality of your work 
  • Superhealthly editors will make your work error less to get it ready for publication
  • You will get confirmation within two days from our editorial department if your work is approved 
  • Your work will be published if it beats our criteria

Note: You can’t publish your content elsewhere if it is already published on our site.