couple yoga poses

9 Best Couple Yoga Poses – Simple Poses to do Everyday

9 Best Couple Yoga Poses – Simple Poses to do Everyday

Have you ever heard about a couple yoga poses? Proper communication with your partner can build more confidence and openness, which is more important for all couples to have a better relationship. Yoga poses for two people will be quite easy and relaxing to perform.

Are you married and want to strengthen your relationship? It’s very easy to have fun together for a healthy relationship. You can’t build a strong relationship and intimacy with your partner without having a better understanding and trust.

A Positive Life Isn’t Possible With A Negative Mind

Couple Yoga Poses

couple yoga poses..

Experts have introduced yoga poses for couples to make their bond strong. Their communication while performing all these poses will make them feel confident and increase openness, which is crucial for faithful and deeper love. You have noticed that yoga poses for 2 are getting better these days.  

You will not only seek confidence and openness; many other major elements will be crucial for all of you. Only a better understanding can make your relationship everlasting. Have a look at the secrets!

1. Partner Breathing Yoga Pose

Partner breathing pose is on the top of the list, enabling you to connect with your partner. All of its functionalities are easy to perform. You need to understand the right technique and body posture. Yoga positions play a very important role in making every pose perfect.

Let's Discuss how to Perform this Yoga Pose with your Partner. 

  • Sit in a position having legs crossed at shins 
  • Your fave should be opposite to each other 
  • Connect your backs 
  • Let your hands get some rest on your knees 
  • Now start deep inhaling and exhaling
  • Focus on your breathing pattern
  • Keep your backs connected and feel the breathing pattern of your partner
  • When your partner inhales, you should exhale 
  • One of you is exhaling; the next one should inhale
  • The beginners can repeat this for 5 minutes but always try to increase your time for the poses.

2. Grounding Yoga Pose


You can also take this as the startup before performing the rest of a couple of yoga poses. You will get familiar with your partner with whom you are spending your life. These 2 person’s yoga poses are quiet and will let you understand each other. 

A strong mindset and meditation will let you perform successful yoga practices. All you need to know is the perfect body posture.

Let's Make it Happen! 

  • Sit and cross your legs
  • Your faces should be in front of each other
  • Look into the eyes of your partner for a while
  • It would be best if you were focused while looking into each other eyes
  • Now take a deep breath which will make you feel relaxed and fall in love with each other 
All of you are living a busy life and don’t realize with whom you are living. It will make your partner feel bored, and that’s a pathetic thing for your relationship. 

Grounding will let both of you realize your love for each other. That’s the major cause behind discussing all of the couple yoga poses to make your relationships more strong.

3. Back To Back Chair Yoga Pose

This is another best couples yoga pose to build a strong trust between you. This chair pose will make your thighs and feet strong. It will let you increase the mobility of your ankles. 

Both of you will stand on each other’s support which will build a strong trust. Now you need to know how to perform the chair pose. 

How to Perform Back Chair Yoga Pose?

  • Stand straight and take your hips down
  • Both of you will do this and keep your backs connected 
  • When there is an angle of 90 degrees on your knees, then stop 
  • Now take a deep breath and hold this pose 
  • Focus on your breathing patterns
  • Now press each other back and try to move upward
Try to hold this pose as long as you can. It will let you build strong trust in each other.

4. Partner Twist Couple Pose

partne-twist yoga pose

That’s a fun pose with your partner, making you feel enjoyable. Experts designed these couple yoga pose to boost your detoxifying process.

Let's Have a Look at its Process. 

  • Sit and cross your legs 
  • Your backs should be connected 
  • Put your hands on your thighs to get relaxed 
  • Now start an opposite movement accordingly 
  • If you are moving right side, then your partner should move left 
  • Just rotate your upper body 
  • Now move right and keep your right hand on your partner’s thighs
  • Your partner will move opposite to your movement 
  • Your right hand will be on the left leg of your partner
  • Your partner will keep his right hand on your left thighs
  • Hold every single movement for a while, and then exhale to build better  breathing patterns

5. Temple Couple Yoga Pose

Due to its temple-shaped posture, this couple’s yoga pose is called a temple pose. Have you noticed that these poses have been designed for couples to enhance their interaction, which will build a strong bond to make your married life happier? This easy yoga pose for 2 will let you understand each other.

It seems difficult to perform, but our experts have divided the entire process into small steps. So it’s easy to pick and perform. Have a look!
  • Stand in front of your partner.
  • Your distance should be very close
  • Your feet should be under your hips 
  • Your chest and shoulders will be in a rest mood and lose towards the floor
  • Take your hands towards your partner and attach with their hands 
  • Your hands, forearms, and elbows should be connected
  • Take them down until your backbone is straightened, and hold those poses for a while 
  • Put some force and keep a balance to maintain this pose 
  • Focus on your breathing patterns
  • Take some deep breaths while holding this [pose
  • Take your hands upward slowly
  • Now lose your hands downward for a while to let them take some rest.

6. Seated Forward Backbend Yoga Pose

This yoga pose is an intense stretch for the hips and legs. If both participants are equally flexible, it will be easy for you to perform. 

In reverse, if one of you is less flexible than the next, things could be challenging for you. Then you need to move slowly and keep your less flexible partner safe. Your chest and shoulders will be opened, which is perfect for your heart. We have divided the entire process into simple, easy steps given below. 

  • One of you will sit and extend your legs forward 
  • Bow down his upper body 
  • Keep both of their hands beside his legs
  • Now it’s your turn to sit behind your partner
  • Your back should be connected with your partner’s back
  • Fold your legs and take your knees upward 
  • Now lean your body on your partner’s back and stretch 
  • Take deep breaths and switch your positions
  • Make sure that your partner is easy to bear pressure
  • If it is easy to bear your pressure, then you can go for more stretching
  • 7. Twin Trees Couple Yoga Pose

    twin tree

    This couple yoga pose will let you learn balance and seek playful attention on the hips openers. All you need to learn is the right technique to make it happen.

    Don’t worry that we have compiled the entire process in easy to pic steps for you.

    • Now look at each other and take your front-facing arms up
    • Combine the palms of your hands 
    • Please take one of your legs and keep them on the thighs of the next leg
    • Your feet should be in a flat position on the next leg’s thighs
    • Now both of you put your hands straight up 
    • Hold this pose for a while 
    • It will teach you balance 
    • Focus on your breathing patterns which will make you feel relaxed

    The main concern of all these poses is to make you feel comfortable in your company. It’s important to get familiar with each other for a better life in the future.

    “Treasure Your Relationships, Not Your Possessions”

    Your discussion while performing these poses will let you know each other better. Your attention during this fruitful discussion will enable you to understand the secrets of a successful relationship.

    8. Revolved Chair Yoga Pose

    revolved chair couple pose

    This stretching pose will let you feel relaxed. You need a partner to make it more successful and safe stretching. And your partner will let you go for further stretching.

    Let's Grab its Gradual Steps to Perform this Revolved Chair Couple Yoga Pose

    • Stand in front of each other. 
    • The distance should be no more than an arm
    • Now bend your knees and take your hips like in a chair pose
    • Catch one side hands tightly to maintain a balance
    • Try to keep the same body posture which will make things easy for you 
    • Keep all of your body firms while moving
    • Take one side hands back in extended shape
    • Stretch as much as you can
    • Now take those expended hands back and class with each other 
    • While clashing these hands, you need to catch them tightly
    • Now lose the other pair of hands and expand them
    • Move your face with your hands as much as possible
    • Take them back to the starting point, catch them tightly
    • Repeat the same movement again
    This couple of yoga poses will teach you balance. Try to go for extra stretching while performing this pose with your partner. Keep your entire movement slow which will allow you to get more stretch safely.

    9. Partner Forward Fold Yoga Pose

    forward fold

    Experts have designed this pose to calm down your nervous system. It will let you stretch your hamstrings too. But it would be best if you mastered the technique and body posture for the perfect pose.

    A wrong pose can cause injury, that’s why you need to have that ability to perform correctly.

    Let's Explore its Ways of Happening!

    • Sit in front of each other by expanding your legs
    • Your soles should be attached, and your legs should be in a “V” shape
    • Expand your hands and catch them
    • Let your partner bend and pull her hands toward you to stretch your
    • Now let her go to the initial position
    • Let her do the same with you and vice versa
    • Repeat these movements slowly 
    • Focus on your breathing patterns while practicing 
    • Try to be in the pose for at least 7 to 8 breaths
    • To end the pose, release your hands and fold your legs. 


    Because of our daily busy life routine, we are not getting attached. Couples face these issues on a large scale, affecting their marital life.

    An above-mentioned couple of yoga poses will let you know how to strengthen your relationship. You will get more confidence which will make you feel easy during intimacy and the rest of your life romance. 

    Your conversation while practicing will sort out many of your problems. So if you are facing marital problems, we will strongly recommend all of these couple yoga poses to solve them.

    Have a blessed life with your beloved ones

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! instead of joining yoga classes separately all of you need to perform yoga with your life partners.

    It’s quite simple; you just need to follow all of the instructions to make your yoga pose perfect.  

    In  couple  yoga, you perform yoga along with your partner. It’s also called 2 person yoga poses.

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