6 weeks super healthy diet and workout routine

6-Week Super Healthy Diet And Exercise Plan For Fat Loss

Everything is difficult until you know the way to make it happen.

No one is born with a shredded body shape, they have spent hours and hours in the gym to make it possible. Do you have the guts to do it? Almost every 3rd person is facing the fat problem and wants to get rid of it at any cost. Only exercise with a super healthy diet can make it possible for you.

Do you know what’s the role of exercise and diet in cutting weight? Your exercise will play 30 % and diet will play a 70% role in making you capable of achieving your goals. If your goal is to lose weight then you need to focus on your diet which will play a crucial role in achieving your goal.

In our today’s discussion, we will explore some secrets to make it possible for you. We will play with diet and workout side by side to use those secret tactics which will make it more effective according to your goals. Let’s have a look! 

6-Week Fat-Burning Strategies With Healthy Diet

Week 1

  • Half number of carbs for 4 days
  • Minimum carbs in the last meal 

Week 2

  • Two days of cardio per week 
  • 50 g protein

Week 3

  • Add any original fat burner 
  • Keep carbs low

Week 4

  • High-intensity cardio postworkout
  • In the morning

Week 5

  • Cheat meal once a week 
  • Weight training 

Week 6

  • Take few days off and repeat if needed

1st Week Strategies

Low carb diet

In a fat loss program, a low card diet will be a super healthy diet for all of you. The key point behind cutting the carbs in your diet will allow your body to use that stored fat again.

A high carbs diet provides you a lot of energy in the form of calories, the needed calories will be used and the rest of them will be stored in the form of fat.

When your diet will be at low in carbs, the stored fat will be the source of energy for your daily life activities. You can use manageable carbs in your morning meals and lunch which will be used at the end of the day. You can intensify your workout if you have done any cheat meals, to burn all of the extra calories.

You don’t need to follow a low-carb diet for the long-term, carbohydrates addition after a low carbs diet will boost your leptin level which will make your muscles able to take carbs as muscle glycogen for better functioning.

All of you need to keep in mind that your last meal of the day should contain a very low amount of carbs. That’s a secret tactic that you need to follow, the rest of the time you will be sleeping, and best for storing carbs, only a low-carb meal will let you keep fat-free.

That’s the central secret behind a super healthy diet to make you look fat-free. The only thing you need to do is consistent until you achieve your goals.

We are familiar with all of the difficulties which you face while dieting but all of the great things require a better version of you. So keep pushing your limits and try to be limitless.

Stick with your workout routine which also plays a key role to make your wish come true.

2nd Week Strategies


Cardio with a super healthy diet will be a killer combo for all of those who are looking for fat loss. You will be disappointed at the end if you skip any of these super important things.

Most of you follow only cardio routines but skip a balanced low-carb diet and blame our strategies. Everything takes time and consistency, by taking cardio and diet side by side we are damn sure for better results in the end.

According to our experts, the fat loss formula is quite simple, have a look!

Low Input = High Output 

Let us solve your queries about this formula, as we told you to follow a low-carb diet which will provide low input means low carbs to your body and are guiding you to intensify your cardio routine which will lead you towards high output state. We have applied these simple strategies to all of those clients who were looking for weight loose and let them achieve their goals successfully.

The second trick is high protein intake, a super healthy diet should contain high protein. Experts have proved that low carbs and high protein diet will automatically let you enjoy a lean body. All of you are much familiar that protein is the muscle’s building block. It will let your body fat go down with its right and technical use.

Your breakfast and post-workout meal should be protein-rich which will enhance your muscle recovery. As active readers, all of you need to keep these golden secrets in your mind or note them down side by side.

 2g protein x Per Pound Body Weight

This is an easy way to calculate daily protein requirement which is compulsory for muscle gain and fat loss. This is a quite simple formula for all of you except pro-fitness players.

All professional athletes need more protein according to their body weight to achieve their goals, so they can count accordingly. 

3rd Week Strategies

You are already on the right track, now you need some extra fuel to boost the entire process. A right fat burner can push you a bit more towards your destiny.

It will boost the fat-burning process which you need along with all of the above-mentioned strategies. All of you don’t need to buy any supplement, you can use coffee, green tea, or any other evodiamine.

They will boost fat burning process and will make your body less capable of storing calories in the form of fat. The mega advantage of adding any fat burner in 3rd week is that you are already on the right track and this small addition will make you able to see noticeable results. 

4th Week Strategies

This is one of your final weeks from a super healthy diet and exercise plan which needs a bit more hard work to make a visible difference. Now it’s time to take cardio to the next level, you are in a carb-depleted situation a hell kind of cardio can make your body able to use those stored calories which will be a plus point for you.

Never apply this kind of intense strategy at the start of your weeks, because it will make you feel like hell until you reach the end. A super healthy diet containing low carbs for a bit long time can affect your testosterone which is supremely necessary for your body functioning and immunity.

This low testosterone situation will not let your muscles grow and your metabolism will slow down. So always prefer this intense situation of your weight loss period at the end of the planned weeks.

5th Week Strategies

Are you feeling very low and tired because of this dieting and constant workout routines? Do you want to have a cheat meal? Yes, you can because that’s part of our strategy to play with your body.

All of you will prefer your favorite dishes on this day but we will recommend a bit to eat as a cheat meal, it could be a slice of cake, burger, or pizza. Now the trick is to boost your metabolism, after a long dieting routine suddenly you eating something containing high calories will make your metabolism run like crazy.

So these 700 to 800 calories will not be going to put any weight, that’s the reason behind having this cheat meal. It will make you feel good and the risks of putting on weight will also be very low.

The second thing is to add some weight to your training, which put extra tension on your glycogen stores to burn more fat. As we know that your body is already in the fat-burning mood so making your workout a bit more intensive will let your body use more calories by breaking all of that stored fat in your body. 

6th Week Strategies

Continuous hard work will make your body feel stubborn and it will stop working, it will start doing the opposite of all those things which you want to achieve. So at the end of this routine take a few days off and let your body rest if you want to get lean and clean.

After getting a few days off come back to the same routine and start grinding yourself again. 


All of the above-mentioned strategies are professionally compiled and have been applied to get real-time results. So we can proudly say that they work.

We are suggesting all of you follow the above-mentioned super healthy diet routine along with workout routines. Every human being’s body works differently so you need to follow a specific routine for at least 6 weeks to get results.

Obesity is becoming the most common cause of every single disease and depression is one of them. If you want to get rid of this shit then follow all of the above-given routines and methods to shape the best version of yourself. 

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