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6 Pelvic Floor Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

6 Pelvic Floor Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Are you searching for pelvic floor yoga poses? It’s a fortune for all of you that many yoga poses will let you get a peaceful mind and balance to strengthen your pelvic floor. Yes! You are right we are talking about having a good relationship with your life partner.

All of you are familiar with this problem; according to research, every 1 thief person faces a weak pelvic floor problem that isn’t letting them enjoy good sex. Yoga for sex and yoga to improve your sexual ability will make you feel better and more confident. 

So if you want to feel good while meeting your partner, then have a seat and become part of today’s discussion.

6 Pelvic Floor Yoga Poses

We will discuss the best pelvic floor yoga poses, verified and applied to many people by experts. Let’s get it!

  1. Warrier Pose For Pelvic Floor
  2. Mountain Pose For Pelvic Floor
  3. Chair Pose For Pelvic Floor
  4. Bridge Pose For Pelvic Floor
  5. Happy Baby Pose For Pelvic Floor
  6. Locust Pose For Pelvic Floor

1. Warrier Pose

This is quite a simple but effective pose. In yoga for the pelvic floor, you need to understand one thing, it’s all about muscles and mind connection. This connection will build a strong intensity to make every single second countable.

How to Perform Worrier Pose?

warrior pose

The entire way to perform is too easy for beginners. You must stand and keep one of your legs 4 to 5 feet apart, and your first feet will be horizontal. 

The next feet should be straight and 5 feet away from the first. Now raise your hands at the shoulders level and expand them parallel to the ground. Now bend your right knee slightly, and your face should be towards your right leg.

That’s the pose we were talking about; now, try to hold this pose for at least 20 seconds.  Keep repeating this pose accordingly, it will let you get a strong pelvic floor.

Benefits of Warrior Pose

  • All of you know that we are discussing yoga for the pelvic floor in today’s discussion. This pose will let you achieve strong pelvic muscles and balance.
  • It will stimulate your abdominal organs, which will also be a positive thing for you to have a strong pelvic. 
  • As we have mentioned, your muscles with mind connection should be strong enough to put more tension on the targeted muscles. It will make them strong to achieve our actual goals.

2. Mountain Pose

We know that it’s a bit confusing how standing straight yoga pose for the pelvic floor could be helpful. It looks very simple to perform but will be challenging for you. Have a look!

How to Perform Mountain Pose?

First, you must stand straight, with a gap between your feet. Now raise both of your hands, and your fingers should be interlocked. Here comes the secret: inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

A deep and smooth inhaling and exhaling process will make you feel better and relaxed. Now lift your heels and put all your body weight on your toes. 

After putting all your weight on the toes, you need to shift that weight slowly on the rest of the fingers. It will make you feel immense pressure on your toes and fingers. 

Now hold this pose for a while and keep inhaling and exhaling. This is one of those best yoga poses which will teach you balance. Repeat this pose after a while and get a bit relaxed.

mountain pose

Benefits of Mountain Pose

  • This yoga pose for the pelvic floor will let you achieve balance in your breathing patterns.
  • All you need to do is inhale and exhale properly, expand your lungs, and open the closed blood vessels.
  • It will strengthen your arms and let you feel refreshed even after a while. Now you are thinking about how this pose will help us to achieve strength and good stamina. 
  • You have heard that a proper and balanced blood flow is necessary to have a good sexual urge. That’s the key point of this pose, it will activate all of your nerves which will be enough to make you feel active and energetic.

3. Chair Pose

The chair pose reminds us of a glimpse of our childhood; it seems a very easy pose but will be challenging for you. Putting all your weight on your toes will not be convenient for you. Let us guide the right way to do it!

How to Perform Chair Pose?

Take your hip, straighten your back; act like you are sitting on the chair. Keep both of your hands straight along with your face. Now put all of your body weight on your toes and fingers. 

We know it will be quite tough for you to perform this but start with a short time and try your best to enhance its timing gradually.

chair pose

Benefits of Chair pose?

  • Along with the rest of the pelvic floor yoga poses, this one is quite tough to perform.
  • It will strengthen your hips along with your calves and back.
  • It will also be good for your heart; balanced blood circulation will keep you safe from cardiac arrest.

4. Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is one of the most common but impactful yoga poses. It will make you able to strengthen your back. For all beginners, it’s quite easy to perform without extra effort. Let us guide you to know the exact technique to make it happen.

How to Perform Bridge Pose?

First, you must lie on the floor and bend your knees upward. Both hands should be beside you, and your palms will face the ground. 

Now lift your lower back and squeeze it for a while. Take it down on the floor and then back upward. Stop the upward movement and put more pressure on your lower back to make it store. 

As all of us are familiar with, a strong back is compulsory to have good sex. Repeat after a short rest, and the reps will be according to your ease.

Benefits of Bridge Pose

  • This pelvic floor yoga pose will let you make your back more strong. And will let your hip get harder.
  • You can perform this yoga pose and the rest of the poses to strengthen your lower back. 

Never put extra pressure on your lower back keep it moderate. A bit of extra pressure will let you face injury.

5. Happy Baby Pose

happy baby pose

The happy baby pose is quite simple to perform, it seems easy, but it’s effective. It will strengthen your back and pelvic muscles; that’s the reason behind its addition to pelvic floor yoga poses.

How to Perform Happy Baby Yoga Pose?

It’s quite simple to perform. First, keep a yoga mat on the floor and lie down. Now take our news towards your tummy and join both knees together. 

Your calves and feet should be straight. Bend your feet towards your face and hold them with your hands. Now focus on your inhaling and exhaling patterns. 

While performing these pelvic yoga poses, your tummy should be tight with proper inhaling and exhaling patterns. Now pull your knees down slowly and press your knees on your tummy towards your spine.     

It will relax your mind and strengthen your spine and pelvic through stretching. You can perform this yoga pose whenever you want, but the morning will be the best time to get extra benefits.

Benefits of Happy Baby Pose?

  • It will be effective for your spine and pelvic.
  • It will stretch your pelvic muscles to increase blood flow.
  • Every single yoga pose is not just designed for a single purpose there will be a lot of purposes behind that which will affect your body positively.

6. Locust Pose

locust pose..

The locust pose will hit your glutes and pelvis along with your buttocks. To perform this pose, lie on the floor; your face should be facing the floor. Keep both of your hands beside your body. 

Face straight, take your upper body up, and put tension on your lower back. Your lower body should be stable; move your upper body upward and downward.

Benefits of Locust Pose?

  • While taking your upper body up and putting tension on your lower back will strengthen your pelvic. That’s the main concern of today’s discussion to give you a strong pelvic floor. 
  • It will let you enjoy a healthy life and great pleasure with your life partner.
  • The only thing you need to do is to keep consistency in these yoga poses for the pelvic floor to get satisfactory results.


The yoga mentioned above is the best pose to strengthen your pelvic floor. Many of you face injuries while performing these poses because of their bad body proportions.

So follow the techniques mentioned above to get perfection. Everything will be on track through practice and hard work. Stop worrying about your weak sexual lifestyle. Following the above-mentioned pelvic floor yoga poses will make you feel strong because your health is our main concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which is also beneficial for your sexual health.

There are different factors that can weaken pelvic floor muscles, like cancer treatment, constipation, and obesity.

Your consistent bridge pose training will make your pelvic floor stronger.

Your 4 to 6-week consistent training can make your pelvic strong.

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